Fly Fishing in a small spring creek catch Good size brown Trout

Fishing with dry Fly and Nimth Good size brown Trout. Fishing with Gary Canterbury Fishing

EPISODE 4 , SEASON 2 – TROUT. In this episode Graeme Pullen takes you to Dever Springs, one of the top Trout fisheries in the UK. As well as catching some gr…
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26 comments on “Fly Fishing in a small spring creek catch Good size brown Trout
  1. vugotricedv says:

    Dig it.?

  2. MrOnlyfly says:


  3. JOHNNYwxw says:

    i think you should send that? to someone else!

  4. TAFishing says:

    Usually 9 foot rod is enough,throws 7/8 weight flyline,and say,reel diameter about 4-inch.Sometimes 3-inch is? enough. You want one big enough to take the 30-foot flyline,and around 100 yards of backing,not that any trout would strip that lot out.Get a lightweight reel as you are holding it all day.

  5. Lars Pedersen says:

    anyone have the pattern on this fly that he is using or a? place you can order it?

  6. Tom Watchorn says:

    what? sort of rod and reel graeme? thanks 🙂

  7. mungo911 says:

    Short casts of 25 yards?! You certainly are? full of yourself!

  8. ParadiseReptiles1 says:

    the? trout at 7:31, thats some good eating right there.

  9. AAAGTE says:

    Great video Graeme!

  10. TAFishing says:

    Yes you can?

  11. Austin Caldwell says:

    are you allowed to keep the trout from that venue

  12. JOHNNYwxw says:

    you got some really really nice videos? sir.

  13. TAFishing says:

    You have come to the right place, we are actually working on a “fly fishing for beginners” DVD which will be out hopefully before christmas. It will give you all the hints and tips. If you go to our channel homepage and look down on the right of the page you will see our playlists, there is a trout? playlist if you watch the videos on there they should help you a bit. Follow us on facebook to keep up with everything that we do.

  14. THQDaFuQ Hench says:

    i want to start fly but it looks so? confusing please help, thanks.

  15. TAFishing says:

    No,I never use tapered leaders. Maybe for reservoirs/long distance casting it would make a difference in? the final rollover,but for short casts of up to 25 yards I just use 9 /10 feet of 6lb straight through for all my still water trouting. Regards, Graeme.

  16. McPerrius says:

    From the video: “I’m pllaying the fish hard but I dont want to lose the fly”. What is the point in playing them to the point of exhaustion. I always? just? get them in as soon as possible…

  17. canoedude100 says:

    Hi Graeme,
    great video as always!
    ive had trouble with tapered leaders, for a few years i just used 6lb Maxima straight through.
    would you reccomend a tapered leader with a 6lb mono tippet for? Dever Springs?

  18. Lwils911 says:

    I fish there all the time.? Its a great place to fish!
    Just asking….

    …. Did you release any of the fish?


    your vids are amazing i? subed 🙂 you should fish in mullaghmore,sligo,ireland its amazing !! 🙂

  20. MrNathandavies1990 says:

    When’s the new? trout fishing video being posted? Thanks

  21. TAFishing says:

    I guess they can be posted to Australia.Look in our trout section for a link to Sid Knight’s fly tying business.He is the guy selling them.? Good Luck

  22. Chris Pedelty says:

    Can you buy those flies anywhere in? Australia Do you have an online shop.

  23. jordogg09 says:


  24. TAFishing says:

    I would? guess around 6lb breaking strain for the leader,but you can always shop around and try to buy some line of 6lb with the finest diameter. Apparently flourocarbon is invisible under water,but I don’t find it great for knots,and it can be a bit springy. Good luck. The Totally Awesome crew

  25. jordogg09 says:

    How strong of leader were you? using?

  26. TAFishing says:

    You are right that trout fishing is getting more expensive,though I think there was another in Hampshire that charged £100 a day,but guaranteed all double figure fish.A lot of the problem is the huge cost of trout feed,plus costs of? delivering it.Still nice to do once in a while though.Keep watching the channel.We have another clear water trout film going up in a few weeks. Good Fishing.The T/A crew

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