Fly Fishing for Trout and Salmon at Alaska West

Simms Fishing Presents: Alaska West, an operation run by Deneki Outdoors, was the location we chose for our first-ever Simms Film. The guides at Alaska West literally live in their waders and are the most formidable testers of Simms products that weve come across. They count on Simms to keep them dry and comfortable on and off the water in the toughest conditions day in and day out. All of the people featured in the Alaska West film are not actors they are actual guides. All of them live at the camp for almost 5 months. Visit for more Simms Films or information on Simms.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

22 comments on “Fly Fishing for Trout and Salmon at Alaska West
  1. ruggyrobby says:

    I love this place, there is no other like it on earth. The week I spent up there was one of the best of my life. A one of a kind experience…

  2. MrSkillet99 says:

    @Mothercanuck……… im curious to know you wrote this 10 months ago, did the video end up stating/saving your life? i hope it did. tight lines my friend

  3. stealhead30 says:

    @fliesandfins same thing

  4. flugkungen says:

    Once used Simms you never go back!
    SIMMS does the best durable gear!

    /Love the Nature

  5. mazzufilms says:

    produce a truly amazing level of international cinema. Congratulations!

  6. antonloch says:

    very cool,,,,, oh I like simms too…

  7. joshiamurri says:

    Who did the music?

  8. fliesandfins says:

    “Good guides don’t die, they get married.”

  9. kingofthealps says:


  10. Mothercanuck says:

    This video really hit me. From 6:30 to the end really got to me. It drove me to tears almost. I immediately sent my resume to a few guided lodges in northern Ontario and British Columbia. This video may have started/saved my life.

  11. sturgeonslayerscom says:

    One of my favs, well done.

  12. luvoutdoors15 says:

    Yooper eh!!!

  13. gangstarphil says:

    epic, cinematic in quality and beauty.

  14. gunslinger461 says:

    GREAT VIDEO! the sight of Cam taking a bike jump off the gravel bar into the water is HILARIOUS! it makes me realize how much i miss alaska west, and all the friends i made there. someday- ill return!

  15. prov1player says:

    Alaska I will see you soon!!!!

    What a Vid…

  16. cattrax320 says:

    i cant agree with you more stev

  17. Stevonater5 says:

    this Would be my Dream Job, I always Catch my self watching this..

  18. Stevonater5 says:

    one of my Favorite Video’s on the WEB.. 5 starr!!

  19. flugkungen says:


  20. sturgeonslayerscom says:

    Very fun to watch…thank you

  21. Tarheelflyfishing says:

    Simms has got some amazing videos out…

  22. ColeTx24 says:

    Truly amazing video! Keep the videos coming!

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