Fly Fishing for Trophy Bow River Brown Trout

The Humblefisherman takes his buddies wife fly fishing on the Lower Bow River in Calgary Alberta, Canada. This girl lands every fish that eats. Including a Monster Brown Trout and a few beauty Rainbows.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

17 comments on “Fly Fishing for Trophy Bow River Brown Trout
  1. 65LB says:

    She? is AWESOME

  2. christianfishin379 says:

    nice! i fished the? lower bow with my brother he lives in calgary

  3. humblefisherman says:

    @trouttrek put that thing away? troutrek.

  4. humblefisherman says:

    haha sweet! Mia married my best bud Tim. I’ll tell her? you said Hi.

  5. McCarty10 says:

    Ha small world! Been watching? and loving your video’s Jay, then saw this one and was thinking i knew her, then saw the credits and it was her. Hi Mia. Havn’t seen ya since high school. Nice FISH!.

  6. flyfishextreme says:

    wow,? that must be some crazy good river, hope i can be there someday!! nice video, greetings from austria!!

  7. johnnydesmd says:

    Great trip, looks like Mia had a great? time that is for sure!

  8. Trouttaranaki says:

    Another great video, your vids are the best on youtube? by far!!!

  9. 099A1 says:

    wow! an other flyfishingwomen! great job!?

  10. humblefisherman says:

    A large bull fell off the cliff above during a windstorm. ? He didn’t make it.

  11. ciscokid8893 says:

    wtf? is that? 4:16

  12. pauldh62 says:

    Some excellent shots and nice catches? – keep them coming.

  13. humblefisherman says:

    We keep few fish for eats each year, but not very often. It really depends on which river or lake we are fishing. We alway’s release the? big ones to promote stong genetics.

  14. curford says:

    I? love your videos Jay. I used to fly fish out in Idaho and your videos bring back sweet memories!

  15. wildlifeed says:

    Great Fishing!! She’s one great angler!! Great video? and Great Fish!!

  16. panfisha says:

    I KNEW that music was leading up to something! I just didn’t expect it to be a brown THAT big.
    And a personal question: Do you guys ever keep trout for a streamside? lunch?

  17. trouttrek says:

    Dude, how come I never got to fish w/Mia? No offense? Tim! Nice trip, nice fish! – trouttrek –

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