Fly Fishing For Brown Trout

WATCH IN HD. I go down to brookville to trout fish we caught around 65 trout but we did not film all of them they were hitting small bugs so dry files worked…
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25 comments on “Fly Fishing For Brown Trout
  1. Richard Smith says:


  2. Roman Garza says:

    Do you have a tutorial on how to fly fish because i’m a beginner and need
    all the help I can get. If you don’t have a video like this if it’s not too
    much to ask, could you make one??

  3. TheOhioSportsman says:

    Do you use a dry fly rub? Sometimes my flies don’t float

  4. Austin Bredek says:

    Is that whitewater river? Or is it by the spillway? Btw great job with all
    your videos. I live in sw Ohio. I go fishing at whitewater and catch
    smallies and trout

  5. Bigbassmaster1 says:

    Ya I do every once in a while but most of the time when i am fly fishing i
    fish for trout

  6. Bigbassmaster1 says:


  7. georgeminns says:

    nice fishing, if your releasing the trout your better off unhooking them in
    the water though, and dont hold them by the lip

  8. Billy Fulkerson says:

    if your ever in cold water try wet nymphs i found that worked best for me.

  9. Jim Misiura says:

    Nice day on the water!

  10. TroutMaster8482 says:

    hey nice video i really enjoy all of your videos

  11. fishingforfood1 says:

    pretty cool gotta love fly fishing

  12. Austin Bredek says:

    Do you know if that spot is crowded alot? Like if their is alot of people
    down there.

  13. MichiganSportsman83 says:

    where are you fishing at

  14. Bigbassmaster1 says:

    Thanks, the fly rod that I was using in this video was a hobbs creek white
    water combo. It has been a great rod for a couple years now and has held up
    to bass, bluegill and trout.

  15. TheJunglepants says:

    Nice video but don’t lip them

  16. colin Danenberger says:

    nice if you need some fly’s let me know I’ll send you some 🙂 fly fishing
    is fun 🙂

  17. Bigbassmaster1 says:

    Ya i will try but bass fishing is what I like to do most. And I can’t make
    manny videos this time because everything is snow and ice.

  18. Bigbassmaster1 says:

    ya on my flies that start to sink

  19. Bigbassmaster1 says:

    7 1/2 foot

  20. Seth Sherrill says:

    Bethel university gives fishing scholarships

  21. thebigriver fishingclub says:

    Chec out my channel we havent got any vids up yet because we have not been
    fishing because it is below freezing were im at.

  22. crazach1 says:

    Dude don’t lip them. It could kill them

  23. Ian Sanfilippo says:

    u should try fly fishing for bass its a blast !!!

  24. Bigbassmaster1 says:

    Thanks man Its the spillway we have not got to fish that part of the
    whitewater yet

  25. Zach Moffett says:

    really like this video what kinda fly were you using ii have had really bad
    luck down there i need some pointers if you could help that would be great

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