Fly fishing for brown & rainbow trout, Thirthan River, Himachel Pradesh, India – Part 1 of 4

Italo & Barb fly fish for trout in the famous Thirthan Valley, Greater Hymalayas, India and show viewers some of the highlights of India.
Video Rating: 5 / 5 The Backcountry Fishing crew take you fly fishing on the Cobungra river in the high country of Victoria. We hike into one o…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

28 comments on “Fly fishing for brown & rainbow trout, Thirthan River, Himachel Pradesh, India – Part 1 of 4
  1. ItaloLabignan says:

    Thank you for you? kind words. We are editing additional programs from India (Orissa Province), and I hope to return there again in 2013….God bless you, Italo

  2. RG0087 says:

    Amazing video production. I’m from India (born and grew up in New Delhi) and have currently been living in Chicago for 3 months now. I can’t believe I’ve never? tried this in North India. I’ve fished in Goa and have tried fishing in the Himalayas but never had luck in the mountains… Please keep these videos coming… 🙂

  3. ItaloLabignan says:

    39.2F+…God? bless you, Italo

  4. Brady Greenberg says:

    So that would be how many in farenheight??

  5. ItaloLabignan says:

    For nymphing the water can be any temperatures from 4C +…God bless you, Italo?

  6. Brady Greenberg says:

    And what does the? water temp have to be?

  7. Brady Greenberg says:

    Thanks! One more? question, I know a stream that has chub and bluegills, can there be trout?

  8. ItaloLabignan says:

    Definitely! Nymphs are always an available food for various fish species. There are times when the fish feed on hatching or emerging insects more than nymphs on the bottom, but you can indeed? catch fish all year long with nymphs…God bless you, Italo

  9. Brady Greenberg says:

    Can nymphs work at anytime anywhere for trout? I have a local stream, but I’m having a? hard time finding out if I has trout.

  10. ItaloLabignan says:

    Thank you for the explanation, I appreciate it….God bless? you, Italo

  11. bazlur says:

    hi Italo!
    Another nice video in scenic Himachal Pradesh. What a natural beauty there.
    BTW, Himachal means “snowy slopes” (Sanskrit: hima, “snow”; acal, “slopes”),? and Pradesh means “state.” and it is true in reality. You are lucky to? travel so far away from Canada and had opportunity of Fishing and enjoying nature.

  12. ItaloLabignan says:

    Hi Manny, Thank you for your kind words. I have a reall appreciation for India, the people and the culture, not to mention the food. Hope to be back in the Thirthan? Valley again next year….God bless you, Italo

  13. MA022412 says:

    Hello Italo I am a big fan of your show. I posted your youtube vids of India? on my blog. Great job fishing in India. Glod Bless you


  14. ItaloLabignan says:

    I had? my best success with silver…God bless you, Italo

  15. Rag Nut says:

    Thank you and god bless you also , was the spinner silver in color ? how is golden as? a color for these trout ? my apologies if my question bothers you

  16. ItaloLabignan says:

    I had the best success with a Vibrax #1 size spinner….God bless you, Italo?

  17. Rag Nut says:

    Hi? italo , i hope im not bothering you with my question , i was thinking of going spinner fishing for these , what size and color spinner should i go for ?

  18. Jakeman1260 says:

    thank? you for the response, great show

  19. ItaloLabignan says:

    I have a feeling my wife Barbara was also fighting a small brown trout….God? bless you, Italo

  20. Jakeman1260 says:

    what was the thing flopping around behind the fish at? 6:09?

  21. backcountryfishing says:

    Again, generic flies are what we always start with, if we find rising fish and they dont take the fly we will work through a series of flies too see what they are interested in. Most of the time in these smaller mountain stream the trout? are not fussy and will take most dries.

  22. Jake Inness says:

    GREAT VIDEO,loved? the music BTW what flies did you use?

  23. Chad Greenlee says:

    thats so? cool how you guys just chilled at the place. good movie!

  24. yaknyellas270 says:

    Top stuff lads i wouldn’t mind getting lost for a? few weeks in them hills.

  25. smolians says:

    Awesome video!! Looks like very tough conditions with so much water!! I like to fly fish? the next river over, the Bundara!!

  26. seishinkanjudo says:

    Use a? tripod next time,,the footage was great though……well done!

  27. backcountryfishing says:

    Ha ha, Gday John, yes that is I!? been a while. hope all is well, small world isnt it!

  28. Chris Pedelty says:

    We are so lucky to? have the freedom to fish a stream like this in a pristine enviroment

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