Fly fishing casting distance tips from Tim Rajeff

Plenty more fishing tips here – Distance casting tips from Tim Rajeff.

7 comments on “Fly fishing casting distance tips from Tim Rajeff
  1. fsskierCOP says:

    Hey guys. Just wanted thanks for making such good rods. I love Echo! I own 2 rods from them and i will be buying more!?

  2. tiredtridude says:

    If I could just get my casts out to 60 feet and hit a target, I? would be happy. Amazing that people can cast so much further than this.

    • Larry Winter says:

      Hi, I’m sorry to bother you, but I saw your comment about Jeff Hall’s planing forms on YouTube. Did you ever buy a set, and how did you contact him? I’d like to get in touch, but he’s hard to find. Thanks, Larry Winter

  3. 07martin1981 says:

    So simple, so brilliant.? Thank you!!!

  4. Daryl2367 says:

    and how do you avoid tailing loops with that technique??

  5. gcollin75 says:

    Hey thanks, I’ll try? this the next time I hit the water!.

  6. TotallyFlyTying says:

    Excelent? tips! Thanks
    Best regards,

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