Fly Fishing Bass – by Todd Moen – Catch Magazine – Fly Fishing Videos – Alpine Bass

Bass Fishing – DVD FOR SALE! Best of Catch Magazine – Season 1 Alpine Bass by Todd Moen – – A …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 comments on “Fly Fishing Bass – by Todd Moen – Catch Magazine – Fly Fishing Videos – Alpine Bass
  1. jobu88 says:

    3:35 to? 3:42…… I wish my form was half that good.

  2. aquaz42 says:

    Why would someone? dislike this?

  3. zettlea2015 says:

    R those balsa wood.?

  4. againsttheflow100 says:

    gotta love? a bass.

  5. ReelActionFlyFishing says:

    Excellent? Video!

  6. kennyh842 says:

    Man you thats? a heck of a dubble haul what pull an extra meter and a half of tapper each haul

  7. Capt Rebop says:

    When were the travel restrictions implemented? This video is close to 4 years old and some of the restrictions I’m familiar with around this neck of the woods have just in the last 2-3 years been put into place. At :40 to :42 I think I see a boat ramp across the creek and they may be in a camping area. Interestingly, my guess is that the section of video from :30 to :39 was probably shot near Todd’s place and not in a restricted area. Ah, the magic? of editing.

  8. TheTurbMemiors says:

    There is a travel management area around Davis Lake that prohibits the use of motorized vehicles. Please? read the signs. Cool video otherwise.

  9. roita bembi says:

    oh that fish i wanna? eat it

  10. Joey Baby says:

    I? can’t stop watching this!!

  11. bboyzlow209 says:

    4:05 Perfect? topwater bite! But he missed the hookset. Haha, awesome fishes though

  12. Nguyen Hoang says:

    Beautiful? fish

  13. Andysfishing says:

    I? keep coming back to this video. Totally my style of fishing. Although more sunshine and tails.

  14. B1GR says:

    i want to be him at my age!?

  15. Jc Roldan says:

    Like!!!? Please visit my channel.thank’s

  16. bernard hinault says:

    Man, that is a sweet video. You guys did? an awesome job. I would like to see another one. What is the location?

  17. itswhateverbruh says:

    Trout is better?

  18. bon laskar says:

    gagwa paeen?

  19. MajorBassManiac says:

    Great bass and? nice video

  20. piscatorialprof says:

    Wow! I’m so jealous of your fishing? videos. Just amazing production values.

  21. Countryboys chevy says:

    Is that an 8 weight rod??

  22. twistinjets says:

    Great video! How do you keep your popper so? weed-less?

  23. randomatorPHD says:

    Dat Bass..

  24. mrfisherman34 says:

    whay size? tippet is good for moderate size bass. And is a five weight rod ok to use

  25. MrChuckell says:

    8? weight rod for bass ,play it safe !

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