Fly Casting with Howell Morgan

Country Channel TV talks to world fly casting champion Howell Morgan at the fly fishing fair about his lifelong passion for fly fishing.

Clip from the DVD, Lefty Kreh on Fly Casting available at
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26 comments on “Fly Casting with Howell Morgan
  1. cowmonkey10 says:

    why’d he get banned?

  2. akaeldin says:

    can you do a close up of how you tyed the leader to the fly line, what is that knot called that looked very easy to tie.

  3. wolfieakita says:

    thanks for your efforts, I love your attitude to your sport, I have just taken up fly fishing
    at 54yrs old and your tv on discovery /shed were excellent, thanks.

  4. Grayfisher1 says:

    Check out the grayfisher1 for advanced casting

  5. aonymous2010 says:

    it allows you to put out more line because the line has more energy.

  6. clasoma2000 says:

    excellent video

  7. fredericrob says:

    nice ,very interessing video

  8. TheDano67 says:

    the double haul is a great method when you have wind coming from behind it tenses your line a lot more giving it a kind of “wire” effect which makes the cast more sucessful and not the wind taking it ……hope that answers one of ya questions

  9. darkmossie633 says:

    Ive been fly fishing on and off for many years, and this video is the best Ive seen
    on tube
    What is advantage of double-haul method compared to normal cast?
    It obviously takes a bit more mastering
    as Hywel demonstrates
    Compared to some of the American videos on tube, this is streets ahead on clarity of info.
    I also notice Hywel uses his shoulder more
    than I see in other vids, where arm is held more tightly to chest, which looks
    uncomfortable and unnatural
    any ideas?
    excellent video

  10. wkvliegvisser says:

    Hee Morgan, I have fished with him on wk and beside him in a boat sat and have with admiration to him sit look at how cast far its was, further was its parents super people, by means of its mother came I that I had second on rivier.en a podium had been fished. 1994 Norway/P. Cognard (France) H. Morgan (Wales) P. Cocito (Italy) 1993 Canada/R. Owen (Wales) F. Szajnik (Poland) J. Lucas (United Kingdom) 2000 United Kingdom /Frankrijk Wales Australia

  11. partyhat3 says:

    Top man! that’s how to teach

  12. flexyfloss says:

    He whon Gold at World Games in Holand in 93 and European Champs before that

  13. gutcast says:

    when did he win world champs???
    and were ???

  14. binks1962 says:

    I thought his name was Hywel? or similar….never sure with Welsh spelling!

  15. Hinkraka says:

    His name is Hywel Morgan, but still a great instructor. Superb caster. The only fault of his I spied when having him as instructor is that he tends to focus maybe not enough on students not attacking him with questions all the time, the shy ones. Otherwise splendid!

  16. THALIDO says:

    He’s Welsh and one of the best demonstrators and casters on the circuit. A brilliantly talented instructor at the game fairs.

  17. flippinthebirds says:

    i only listen to this man in flyfishing on youtube. but i dont understand his english.

  18. jonseyboy500 says:

    howell is a very welsh name lol

  19. fhurzan says:

    he’s British ????

  20. mrome03 says:

    typical bad ass

  21. ktu6 says:

    God of the rod!

  22. GregMorgan906 says:

    good fisherman

  23. matokuwapi says:

    More MORE!

  24. bialyification says:

    no ?adnie dziadek a teraz przywie? mi ta desk? to po?wicz?

  25. mrsunny811 says:


  26. jsrtoofar says:

    Gotta love this man and his perfectly simple way of looking at this .

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