Fly casting video DVD Simple Curve Casts :: Fly Casting Instruction

Fly casting, Complete DVD at Simple overpowered and Underpowered curve casts from Master Casting Instructor Carl McNeil. As featured on the Fly casting DVD ‘Casts that Catch Fish” http
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15 comments on “Fly casting video DVD Simple Curve Casts :: Fly Casting Instruction
  1. pedro2130 says:

    Great vid, thanks from northern ireland!

  2. Hawkeye8555 says:

    Hi, great video, very informative. Could you please inform me what fly line you are using as it looks very controllable and supple, especially the orange with green tip? Tight lines.

  3. Bumcast says:

    @Viktor4386 You’ll need to ensure you’re developing enough line speed to kick things around, and yes, stop earlier and more abruptly than you usually would. You’re correct in that the overpowered curve is exactly the same as a tuck cast – it’s just done in the horizontal plane rather than the vertical. Practice with a short leader!

  4. Chanete57 says:


  5. Bumcast says:

    Stop early and hard. And if you can, immediately pull back on the rod tip.
    A shorter leader will also help, and of course if your fly has any weight in it that’s really going to help kick everything around as well.
    For a start try practicing with a short heavy leader, 6 – 9 ft

  6. Viktor4386 says:

    Hello again Bumcast :)I feel I need some help with this cast. I’ve been trying to repeat it one whole afternoon, I didn’t get a single curve!
    For the overpowered curve, although I was double-hauling, however, I didn”t manage to form a curve with my line, does that mean that I should stop my rod much earlier, a bit like for the tuck cast, in addition to adding a strong haul on the front cast?

  7. Bumcast says:

    @silverleapers Awsome! – that’s what we’re all about Bill – “Saving lives through better fly casting!” ;-))

  8. silverleapers says:

    Guys I was just about to film this cast this summer and put it on youtube! YOU HAVE SAVED MY LIFE! I have struggled horrendously with my guests trying to teach them this cast while dry fly fishing for Atlantic salmon…this one is going on my website (a popular Atlantic salmon website on google). FANTASTIC!!!!

    5 Stars!!! Free and strong endorsement from me for the rest of my life!!!!!

    In Your Debt;
    Bill B

  9. Bumcast says:

    @stevesnaps1 Pleasure Steve, it’s an easy one. We’ll have some more complex (but sexier) curves up later in the season.

  10. stevesnaps1 says:

    Great video,very clear info.this is the technique i’v been wanting to learn.A must have cast for a boulder river,thanks for showing.Steve

  11. Bumcast says:

    @saikotackle Cheers mate – glad you liked it

  12. saikotackle says:

    You make it look so easy mate. I really liked the clip.

  13. Hexonip says:

    So good!

  14. Bumcast says:

    @WHFOutdoors Thanks fellas!

  15. WHFOutdoors says:

    Very cool!

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