Fly Casting Tip: Double-Haul for the Wind

A fly casting tip from FISH BONES, Guided Fly Fishing in the Cayman Islands. Inspired by our love of teaching and the huge influx of first-time bonefishers we have as guests, we decided to put together a few simple tips to help improve your chances for success on the flats. This tip will help improve your double-haul and thereby allow you to better deal with the wind.

4 comments on “Fly Casting Tip: Double-Haul for the Wind
  1. UTEX83 says:

    Simpl teaching methosd!

  2. kontrapunkti says:

    Nice Casting!

  3. jhanley11 says:

    Good vid…now, what’s your address? I want to come down and do some fishing…lol

  4. redshaftedflicker says:

    excellent instruction. i’m fishing large and very windy freshwater reservoirs and this is gonna help me a lot–my double haul is too short as you pointed out–love the tip on the follow-through as well. peace.

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