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Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to Fly casting ROLL CAST / Switch Cast Excerpt from ‘Casts that Catch Fish’

  • Bumcast:

    @twotellys12 Casting from an elevated position actually makes it a lot easier, a pier is a great place to practice.

  • GhostWhisper7:

    That place is beautiful

  • twotellys12:

    this will probably only work if you stood in water, if your stood on a pier then theres a good changes you`ll snag you fly in the grass. Amazing footage and casting though. 5 star

  • Bumcast:

    @buiubr1 Thank you. Sage Vantage #6 Scientific Anglers Expert Distance line

  • buiubr1:

    Beautiful video.

    What equipment are you using? And numbering supplier
    rod and line.

  • 22triggy:

    Very good presentation, not over done, beautiful filming. Thank you.

  • Bumcast:

    @skaterdude1213 Ha – probably

  • skaterdude1213:

    the 2 ppl who dislike cant do it

  • fly888ricky:

    i am buy this dvd..learn more about fly casting ( become joint FFF ), very power full..! top :)

  • wheetley97:

    I’m 14 and just getting into it. Being the only one in my family that does it I need to teach myself. This helped a lot! Thanks keep em comin!

  • NiNj4k0S:

    Great stuff once again… Thank you for sharing!

  • Bumcast:

    @wcodyw1990 I’d go for a 9ft rod in a 6 weight. But check with your local sports store – I’m not sure how big your bass are

  • wcodyw1990:

    @Bumcast Thanks for the quick reply! What rod length, and weight would you also recommend? I’d be fishing mostly in rivers and streams for trout, but sometimes in lakes for bass. Thanks again

  • Bumcast:

    @wcodyw1990 Thanks. Personally I think you couldn’t go past a Sage “Vantage” package. Rod, reel and line with a lifetime guarantee on the rod – you can’t miss. It’s a Sage Vantage I use in that clip (painted white)

  • wcodyw1990:

    Nice Video!! Very good filming! Would you be able to recommend a rod, reel, and line that would be good for a beginner fly fisherman without spending too much money, but also casts easy without much effort?
    Thanks in advance and keep up the great videos!

  • Bumcast:

    @fly888ricky Thank You

  • fly888ricky:

    very nice cast :)

  • Bumcast:

    @gmstuart1 For the CI the requirement os for a ‘static roll cast’ i.e a roll cast in two parts with a clearly defined pause in between.
    I do reach back a little further just prior to throwing the forward cast – it’s not entirely intentional :) But yes, I suppose it does help tension things up and increase the stroke lenght a little

  • gmstuart1:

    Carl…would you rather see a CCI candidate you are testing roll cast in one fluid motion or see them set the anchor on grass and then make the forward cast? Also, in slow motion it almost looks like a slight back cast after you pull the line back….is that to make your D loop larger or is that the trick to the tighter loops? It seems like the move back at the last second really sets up your nice forward cast….I feel like I can stop the rod high and still get larger loops on this cast….g

  • StcroixNick:

    @Bumcast Thanks, I’m buying Myself a switch rod for the next season, so that’s why I’m trying to master some single spey casting thecniques

  • Bumcast:

    @StcroixNick All things being equal a softer mid action rod will be a little easier. The trick is to make sure your D-Loop is large enough to lift the line. And it must loop and hang down behind your shoulder. The further out in front of you the D-Loop is, the more difficult the Roll cast is to execute

  • StcroixNick:

    @Bumcast Ok thanks, Does the action of the rod is having an influence on roll casting ability, I’m having problem with a fast Action, I’m doing D-loop easily, but with roll casting thecniques it’s kinda difficult.

  • Bumcast:

    @StcroixNick A #6 line and medium action Sage Vantage rod

  • StcroixNick:

    Whats is the line number and the rod action sir ?

  • geekslayerinc:

    @geekslayerinc I have the video. I enjoyed your explanations and demonstrations. Makes total sense to me, and very practical.
    Very nicely put together. Hoping maybe you and your crew will put together video on single-handed spey casting techniques. :)

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