Fly Casting: Distance Casting 115 foot Cast

This was one of my first chances to practice my cast this season. still getting the rust off as is evident in the difference between the first cast (filmed at the beginning of the day) and the second (filmed at the end). Don’t forget to sign up for free casting 101 classes this spring and summer at your local Orvis store (201 classes may have a small fee but are still reasonable). Rod = 7wt Helios Line = Orvis Trout taper Reel = Lamson Velocity Backing = who cares Leader = scuffed up piece pf trash with grass stains
Video Rating: 5 / 5

9 comments on “Fly Casting: Distance Casting 115 foot Cast
  1. 1pegboy says:

    haha…will do. we gotta do it soon though…its getting cold around here..haha.. Stay tuned.

  2. Massangler1856 says:

    @1pegboy sounds fun! I don’t own an 8wt, but I don’t think a 7wt should be any real disadvantage. my only condition though is no shooting heads, just weight forward, floating fly lines of a weight class corresponding to the rod. send me a message and we can work out the details for this challenge.

  3. 1pegboy says:

    oh. and actually posted that for some others to look at. Didnt feel I needed to lay down a tape measure…simply tossed it to the backing.

  4. 1pegboy says:

    I challenge you to a friendly distance “youtube” cast off..ha. we’ll go 9′-0″ 8wts.
    believe me mine was a little longer than 80 feet.

  5. Massangler1856 says:

    @stevesnaps1 thanks, I appreciate it!

  6. stevesnaps1 says:

    Great casting.ATB Steve.

  7. Massangler1856 says:

    @milestoneco indeed it is

  8. milestoneco says:

    is that larz anderson park?

  9. Highgradeeverday says:

    nice i cant cast 80 ft

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