Fliegenwerfen / Fly Casting: Mel Krieger & Christopher Rownes

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Video Rating: 5 / 5

Learn the most super important concept in fly casting today. In less than five minutes you will master the double haul or double pull. Get that distance that you have always been longing for in your cast.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

27 comments on “Fliegenwerfen / Fly Casting: Mel Krieger & Christopher Rownes
  1. RKFlyfishing says:

    Es war? schön Mel kennen zu lernen! Ein toller Mensch und Lehrer!

  2. goeddoek says:

    Jepp – so war Mel Krieger ! ” ..and god will smile upon you ..”

    Tolles Video – schön, dass Du nun auch auf youtube bist. Ich habe das Treffen in Neustadt sehr genossen und freue mich immer noch, dass ich kennenlernen durfte !

    Liebe? Grüße von Lolland,


  3. scrate3177 says:

    I’m new to fly fishing and have made every mistake there is, now armed with mel’s great pratice tools i? hope to get better. thanks heaps

  4. TheBrogers1 says:

    no, you’re just pulling it off the bottom ring – the action of pulling quickly on the? line and swinging the rod together greatly increases line speed and thus casting distance.

  5. fliesandpies says:

    Mel was the freaking man, I get just a little teary eyed every time I watch this video…… you know he’s up there? somewhere teaching ever person that comes through the pearly gate to cast like magic.

  6. gcollin75 says:

    Are you pulling line? off of the spool on the “down-up” motion or do you already have it out?.

  7. TheIceBanger says:

    The? legend, the one and only!

  8. willywils1 says:


  9. lmodaho says:

    Love his energy? – he makes learning fun! Gonna try this when I get a chance, but I think I might have it!

  10. williamforever1958 says:

    I just want to say, that of course Mel Krieger is a nice guy and of course he may R.I.P. …, but what he says and demonstrates here is completely nonsense! With this “down-up-technique” you produce not a double haul, but a “double strike” or a “double punch”. In this case it is? impossible to hold the tension of the line curve and to set the cast with precision. William

  11. nachoz84 says:

    OH MY GOD you should have charged money for this because its like magic? man!

  12. sbahr1963 says:

    I love this? guy.

  13. santi1996cazeria says:

    Its simple? its Mel.R I P

  14. BROPHYx896 says:

    wats ur number i? need to call

  15. svytkk says:

    i love this video, she looks so pretty!

    Me and some girlfriends were watching this together on? YouTube Social, it was so much fun! youtubesocial,com

  16. neeverd says:

    Very? good instruction.

  17. Tuberidin01 says:

    Here are the essential tools to make this work…. 1st, get the soundtrack music to this video. 2nd, grow your beard and a sweet hat like this guy has, 3rd, it doesn’t work unless you lick your finger like he does and don’t forget to make the clock noise at the end…. here we go…… Down Ahhhhh know how to this shit! Just kidding, great video. Love his energy and he makes? it really fun to learn!

  18. DkzKralj says:

    holly shit? i got it..

  19. menacevang209 says:

    Thanks for the? video…

  20. manifestgtr says:

    haha this? guys the man…you can tell he’s done a messload of teaching cuz he knows how to yell at you enthusiastically….I wonder if this is how Joan teaches the technique hehe

  21. jaydamagnifik says:

    with all my respect,, he look like,, red and green,,on 50 liter of red bull,,he must be a? good teacher

  22. jsmallwood2007 says:

    well shown..everyone tends to try to follow the rod with the line? griping hand… downups the new way i’ll explain it right away..always taught people to lock the “downup” arm to teach building line speed when they chased the rod first then showed the pull later….great teacher

  23. TXBAREBONES says:

    Good video?

  24. aknames says:

    Hi? is gentle sweet and most of the all hi can really learn people from youtube. Absolute love him.

  25. Troutsiders says:

    One? of the best teachers of all time! Thanks for sharing!

  26. dashwood123 says:

    A good teacher alright, no BS, straight and? to the point. Thats how teaching should be.

  27. JakoDK says:

    Simply perfect vid.. Thank you? very much

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