Father And Son Fly Casting

Father And Son Fly Casting On this day of all days, hold those you love, close. Fishing date: 11 SEPTEMBER 2011 [vado sansa avidemux audacity]

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22 comments on “Father And Son Fly Casting
  1. skallda1 says:

    Thanks for posting this video Uncle Steve. My friends and family have enjoyed it. I also like your other videos of local fishing. I hope to see you out on the water again some time.

  2. rubadux says:

    nice! : ) these two generations — the’ve got to cope.

  3. darsh840 says:

    Nothing like taking your son fishing I love going with my son and it doesnt matter if he catches a minnow or a whale just to see that smile on his face makes it all worth it

  4. MrACDC1997 says:

    @Bumcast it’s first disease that i don’t want be cured off 🙂

  5. Bumcast says:

    Ha, thanks Tom. Delighted to be able help, and even happier that you’ve decided to get into fly fishing – watch out, it’s a disease.

  6. MrACDC1997 says:

    You’re truly great, i just strarted with the fly fishing and it’s really fun.
    Youre vid’s might deffinately helped me more, and it made me trust more in myself.

    But i can’t help i’m jeallous of you’re beautiful rods and reels, and youre awsome fishing creek.

    Greetings Tom

  7. 14Flyfisher says:

    like the video BUT cant beleive after first thing the guy mentioned was SAFETY and then there he is casting away with NO SUN GLASSES ON ! , I made that mistake ONCE and got a hook imbeded about 1/2″ from my eye …NEVER again ALWAYS wear glasses !!!!!!!!

  8. Bumcast says:

    @MrAlfadiscus Cheers!

  9. MrAlfadiscus says:

    +++!!!Great video? and info!

  10. MrAlfadiscus says:


  11. thebrookfisher says:

    Very Helpfull Video !!!!! Nice Work Guys, look forward to your next upload, Tight lines from the sometimes very windy UK

  12. testarossa123 says:

    Great video! But you forgot the number one wind cast! We use it with the 50mph gale force winds on the plains…stand with back to wind and simply flip the fly into the air the wind will push your line across the entire river 🙂

  13. arivineberg says:

    you guys are simply the best! thx.

  14. Bumcast says:

    @riverrat291 Thanks Man

  15. riverrat291 says:

    great stuff as usual keep em coming please

  16. MBbug says:

    Most informative videos on the internet. Time to buy the movie!

  17. Bumcast says:

    @stevesnaps1 🙂

  18. Bumcast says:

    @metFishing Cheers!

  19. metFishing says:

    Great cast and video

  20. pdylan1234 says:

    your the best!

  21. stevesnaps1 says:

    Great video and info,best on the web,thanks for showing.

  22. calibuso23 says:

    tnx 🙂

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