Extreme Flycasting – Montauk

Mike fly-fishes . . . and gets battered; but perseverance pays off.

Mike Kinney Fly Fishing Guide demostrates the Skagit Casting. One of the leading experts on Spey Casting and Fly Fishing in the world,. Mike Kinney is now on…
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26 comments on “Extreme Flycasting – Montauk
  1. suckmybacktrick says:

    hunt for blues? approves 🙂 and this has been the most important video to my fly fishing career!

  2. hollingworth38 says:

    hey Mike im moving to bc from london uk shortly, is there a spey rod/ skagit line combo you could recommend as a go to combo for the Skeena river and its tributaries . ive been looking at the mks 13ft 6in 7/8 or 8/9 and am guessing they? would be pretty good but im a spey novice and would be very grateful for any suggestions or help… cheers pete, oh for the steelhead not for the kings especially!

  3. grandcru says:

    Pretty amazing. See you? Sunday Mike.

  4. MBKinney1 says:

    I? have and I think they are a nice general purpose line

  5. blackwaterhackles says:

    Hi Mike? have you ever used the vector spey lines whats your opinion?
    Cheers Aaron

  6. MBKinney1 says:

    Yes I do Aaron, I find that the only way to really understand the physics of the cast is to understand the relationship in? casting all lengths and styles

  7. Mick LastBell says:

    ERM……..? No and no!
    Falkus couldnt cast either….nor could Ogelsby for that matter. I will be posting speycasting footage on youtube under? the name Speyzorro soon…………..I will be highly critical of most speycasting “gurus” with an emphasis on how bad the americans are.

  8. Mick LastBell says:

    My? pleasure…..but Youtube wont let me paste a link for some reason?
    Try searching “Spey casting long belly line in slow motion”

  9. blackwaterhackles says:

    no point wasting time trying to explain to somone of you limited understanding of flycasting, go back to your pc and keep dreaming or better stil lets see some of your casting techniques as it seems you have such a indepth knowledge of the dynamics of fly? casting lol

  10. blackwaterhackles says:

    Fantastic control of the two handed rod i have meiser rod must say i prefer the mks to the classic series, skagit is just really taking off here in? the uk , great to see a master at work, do you use long bellied lines also or stick with skagit for all your fishing best wishes Aaron

  11. blackwaterhackles says:

    Mike kinney wil have forgot more about spey casting then you will ever learn, he is casting a skagit, he is a innovator you probably playing around with your aircel 2 learning to roll cast with one hand open on hugh falkus salmon fishing? right…?

  12. Mick LastBell says:

    So how does it go….RIP, Slash, Dump, Whack!!!.? I guess the clue is in the title. DEMOSTRATING.

  13. Kremlin60 says:

    Idk if it’s just because I’ve never tried Spey casting but; it looks like the line spends too much time in the air and loses all? the speed and kinetic energy you created.

  14. mattdbz29 says:

    Hey mike! thanks for the line recommendations, The mks 7-8 with a 540 compact is effortless to cast? ! great video as well.

  15. MBKinney1 says:

    Thanks? for looking and the kind words

  16. Eckyredtheunready says:

    Complete mastery of the line, you? make it look effortless.

  17. MBKinney1 says:

    Thanks for the comments much appreciated? William

  18. William FlySpoke says:

    Mike-What a great study in dominant shoulder to? elbow. William FlySpoke

  19. MBKinney1 says:

    Thank? you for the kind words

  20. jserra17 says:

    Thanks for the quality video and the music is just fine. Beethoven,? 6th symphony?

  21. MBKinney1 says:

    The music is intended to match the rythm of? the cast. Thanks for the comment

  22. Grayfisher1 says:

    Very? Nice inded 🙂 Exept the music ;-(

  23. MBKinney1 says:

    Thanks for the kind words?

  24. cruik1 says:

    Slo-mo +? Fade = Annoyance

  25. MBKinney1 says:

    Thanks? Rhonda

  26. Dreams on the Fly says:

    Don’t miss the? chance to have Mike as your instructor for 5 Days of Spey on the Grande Ronde river with Dreams on the Fly.

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