Dry Fly Fishing – Up Stream Presentations

Great video showing you the proper way to present a dry fly from a down stream position to fish holding UP stream.

Before performing a basic fly fishing cast, grip the fly rod in a way that mimics a hand shake, and make sure that there is enough fly line out of the end of the rod. Discover why it’s important to keep the wrists stiff when casting in fly fishing with help from an experienced fly fisherman in this free video on casting in fly fishing. Expert: Steve Oxley Contact: www.DenverAngler.com Bio: Steve Oxley has been fly fishing for 50 years. He works at a fly fishing shop owned by Rick Typher called the Denver Angler. Filmmaker: Clay Roberts
Video Rating: 4 / 5

40 comments on “Dry Fly Fishing – Up Stream Presentations
  1. parcoreninja17 says:

    if you have ever fly fished a small stream with a dry fly then you would know the fish are? very picky they will go up and hit the fly many times before they take it

  2. whatsbelowyou says:

    Thanks for sharing the leader technique. Now, just to get? the loop tighter so that the leader extends…

  3. ImBentley says:

    What specific type of dry flies where you using-going upstate? this week!

  4. SuperGilberto1951 says:

    ma questo non sa le basi della pesca a mosca…!! tiene la? canna alta nel recupero come un principiante. e perde le ferrate…

  5. 250fdude says:

    very cool?

  6. patreganauthor says:

    Good? stuff…

  7. shahh786 says:

    gpx? taper

  8. slapnuts662 says:

    that? fish is tiny.

  9. 87CORVETTEKING says:

    Yeah, take a hike, dumb ass!?

  10. daransidoo says:

    try to relax man…fishing help but this? video shows isnt true

  11. LogiGs says:

    I’m pretty sure that it’s the sweet squeeking sound from a Scientific Anglers’ Shark? Skin Fly line I’m hearing?

  12. feefee365 says:

    dude you need to? come down. this is a great video and sometimes people just have those days.

  13. ricker74able says:

    bro’ chill…k.. btw good luck as an Obama voter 😉 (you can always tell a Lib)?

  14. sfacco says:

    what a … he lost him 5 times…5 passages to take a trout and please get your hands wet before? to touch the trout….

  15. 099A1 says:

    change y name in fishing? dummy

  16. funkadated says:

    Great instructional video!?

  17. BTNHarmony18 says:

    Way too many casts. Way too much slack in your line that’s why you are not setting it first try. Not trying to be critical but you missed like 4 strikes. ? That’s nice to be able to catch them still after that but on a day where those are your only strikes and you miss them that sucks. Also try using a small roll cast to get the fly off the water? without spooking.

  18. bentpolski says:

    Well done!?

  19. mwall1397 says:

    what fly? are you using? NIce fising!

  20. gfyfe6 says:

    i love fly fishing in streams for grayling and the techniques are similar. thanks? for showing.

  21. rynozinparkcity says:

    you never get your? hands wet before you touch any trout! You really should.

  22. decoeric says:

    where are you fishing?

  23. FerrariMasterzz says:

    this helped me? get started thanks alot

  24. oybballer says:

    lol? snuggly 0:18

  25. longwalktogrannys1 says:

    @18fishingfever when your bringing your flyline back on the? back cast let it go all the way back first so you dont have some line infront and behing and whip it forward gentaly

  26. 18fishingfever says:

    i am a beginner at fly fishing and i am still practicing. One problem i always run into is when i am practicing casting im getting a whipping noise. how do i prevent that??? any? tips would help alot!!!

  27. usmc11able says:

    hey im 15 and i have fly fished for a little while now ive got a nice quality rod and my casting is not? the best any tips from anyone? any tips givin i will try

  28. Carsonator95 says:

    Your mother’s a? whore.

  29. glock342617 says:

    @fouurnall don’t let out? as much slack and keep ur line in the air high above your head

  30. ProSedd10 says:

    Nice This Is Like The Best? “I’ve” Seen

  31. fouurnall says:

    well i just got my frst fly rod for my 16th b day? today. i use it for pan fish and bass..i can only get it out there so far and too much slack gets to it for it to go farther…any tips?

  32. Bassmaster26107 says:

    thanks for the vid! very good basic info great for learning the basics? of fly fishing!

  33. Thebossbrown says:

    did? it work?

  34. mattedwardschmidt1 says:

    hi im 13 and I’m trying to learn to fly fish on my own since no one in my family really fishes i have already taught myself how to normally fish and to ice fish now? i am planning to teach myself how to fly fish i am going to Cabela’s tomorrow to get a bargain rod thanks for the help!

  35. Hertsman50 says:

    well at least I know how to spell site you thick cunt….LOL!!!! Horrible teacher??? I’m not doing the teaching…LOL!!!! ?

  36. l0keman says:

    This sight you are trying to sell is so lame. You are a horrible teacher and the? video here is WAY better.

  37. kyle76016 says:

    Don’t use 10:2 technique.? It sucks. 10 and 2 are for time

  38. airsoftsupersniper14 says:

    im just learning to fly fish and im learning to cast and this is exactly what my buddy? told me to do.

  39. hill1916 says:

    Thanks? man!

  40. Hertsman50 says:

    If you want to catch fish like? this? then check out flyfishingunleashed[dot com]

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