Cumberland River Trout Fly Fishing, Kentucky

Trout fishing fishing on the upper Cumberland River.

Fly Fishing for Rainbow trout in Alaska is an experience not to be missed. Join Scott Kemp, owner of Saltery Lodge, and Barrett Mattison as they hit a stream in southeast Alaska. Filmed in full resoultion 1080p. http
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23 comments on “Cumberland River Trout Fly Fishing, Kentucky
  1. VIPER733 says:

    Is their any other places in Ky to fly fish? I live in the northeast of Ky.

  2. TheCraveProductions says:

    i went to the water where u trout fish and me my dad and bro dived in talk bout freezin yo nuts off

  3. alright4u says:

    @Kyshorthair You ever try TN rivers to compare it too?

  4. eddieclapton77 says:

    @jayder1985 thanks for the great advice. I might be going below the dam this February, and I will bring some sowbug flies. I had luck with buggers and some midges, but I will take your advice.

  5. jayder1985 says:

    Sowbugs are great flies there and they will bite on them year round.

  6. ThatVilleNigga says:

    Rooster tails do work good there.

  7. eddieclapton77 says:

    I read a lot about Cumberland River and I was excited to learn that I might be going there in a couple of weeks. But then all the things that I read recently talks about spinners and crank bait. I wonder if I should even bother bringing my fly fishing outfit. I wanted to do some nymphing and streamers. Please, forward some advice. Thanks!

  8. DeltaRooster7997 says:

    This place is great. Went in August and easily caught 20 plus trout below wolf creek dam. Huge browns and quite a few good rainbows. It truly was the best fishing trip of my life. Whether you are a first time trout fisher, if you fly fish, fish with a shakespeare, you will have a great time.These fish can be somewhat choosey over color. I had good luck with a fox spinner and a rooster tail, but any kind of small spinner will do. My dad caught a huge rainbow with a crank bait. Happy fishing!!

  9. m0nkeydo0dle says:

    this song sounds like a rip from beatles-black bird

  10. knietfiend says:

    Thank you for the info.

  11. Kyshorthair says:

    I have never fished that section of the river. From what I understand it is more of a warm water fishery. Below the dam where we fish is a cold water fishery due to the cold water coming out of the bottom of the dam. It is about 50 degrees year round, especially the first few miles. It warms up the further you go down river but still remains very cool.

  12. knietfiend says:

    Do you guys do any trout fishing above the lake? say from cumberland falls down?

  13. TrophySportsmen says:

    Looks like everybody had a good time, and caught some nice fish.

  14. grig24x says:

    what is the close place to fly fishing if you go from henderson? thank you

  15. lindensch says:

    Thank You!!

  16. Kyshorthair says:

    This was filmed mostly from the dam to Helms.

  17. lindensch says:

    Where is this section of the River? How far below Wolf Creek dam? 12/19/7

  18. BCBoxerGirl says:

    Awesome fishing and the Flaming Lips My type of person

  19. Kyshorthair says:

    The river stays cold all year because it is a tailwater. The water comes out of the bottom of the dam.

  20. angeloamericano says:

    real nice! Does this section of the river warm up a lot in the summer?

  21. Aco0o says:

    Hey this is really cool. Which technique do you fish with? I noticed you use some kind of pearl above the hook? I live in sweden and i also flyfish so i would be very glad if you could share this knowledge with me. 🙂

  22. teamshady04 says:

    looks like a nice alaska trip, same as i do up at montana cree kand russian river and kenai!!

  23. MrGodismysavior says:

    Man, NICE FISH!!

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