Casting and Fishing with Joan Wulff

Joan Wulff is one of, if not, the most recognized female fly fisher in the world. See how Wulff became a legend in the sport. She also discusses some tackle and fly fishing basics.

On a wonderful day in the spring 2010 i’m casting at the river Aare in Switzerland, making some difficult tricks and casting extrem distance. Equiptment: rod: Loop X-act #7 reel: Loop Opti Speedrunner line: G.loomis streamdance WF7 leader: Vexter Fluorcarbonat fly: CDC Adams Parachute

41 comments on “Casting and Fishing with Joan Wulff
  1. turbovtec93 says:

    Would be nice if the sound matched the video…

  2. Gaz9977 says:

    @Tuberidin01 Classic lol

  3. williamforever1958 says:

    Well, she has a very rough cast technique. Brown Trouts in the USA must have leard not to be shy. William

  4. plutoplatters says:

    @speck444 she’s a ballerina too !

  5. slickrocktom says:

    Joan Wulff has forgotten more than most of us have ever learned!!!!!

  6. LandauTST says:

    This video needs fixed baaaddd….The video is going way too fast for the audio.

  7. spahnman says:

    This lady has a lot of energy for her age God bless her and she’s still a looker too

  8. huntxyzhd says:

    Stunning, i would really like to meet this women.

  9. plasterdbastard says:

    It’s too bad that the audio is out.

    Joan Wulff is amazing.

  10. Tuberidin01 says:

    5:00…. Not only does this beautiful woman know fly fishing, she also knows how to talk like the old school Kung Fu movies!! This lady is so skilled! What can’t she do?

  11. Tuberidin01 says:

    Man, something about a woman fly fishing is so sexy! Woof Woof to Joan Wulff!
    She is still beautiful in her older age. So graceful and controlled with her casting. She is a legend and a beauty to the sport we all love so much. God bless her!

  12. billdeaton says:

    Nice video! … and thanks for the Wulff lines!

  13. speck444 says:

    joan is a balarina with a fly road

  14. menacevang209 says:

    I wish I have the chances for her to teach me some fly lesson…. One of the best….

  15. alright4u says:

    She can outcast and outfish 90{3295056c9ca42e03df4d94feaac0847f4dfe1a41b9bfdb90d7a726607f8c5ffa} plus of the best guides out there. Yes, she has a great curve cast. I think the old Winston IM6 8’6″ 5 wt 3 pc rod named after her is a great choice for women and some men. Most prefer faster action rods today.

  16. GRAYLING14 says:

    Nice Lady, realy good casting!

  17. fishfinderflyfishing says:

    very very very very cool

  18. AtmaRising says:

    she seems like such a wonderful person.

  19. gowolves4 says:

    I would love to spend a day with this lady. Even if I didn’t fish with her, I would love it. R.I.P Lee.

    Tight Lines


  20. charbcbc says:

    ms.wolfe is still beuatiful and a master of the art , god bless her !!!

  21. Berger511 says:

    Anyone here know how to avoid getting hit with the fly while casting? Thanks

  22. lcts98 says:

    Shes the best caster in the world

  23. njangler2 says:

    I don’t know anyone or ever scene anyone as good as a fly caster and as Joan Wulff.

  24. plasterdbastard says:

    Such a wonderful sole…

    Wicked curve casting.

  25. plugcaster says:

    What a very nice lady πŸ™‚

  26. youwontdoit says:

    why arent you using a fly?

  27. STMN69 says:

    amazing !! nice day to show your techniques too…not a breeze πŸ™‚

  28. THALIDO says:

    Nice stuff. Loop gear is great!

  29. ethomfactusest says:

    poetry in motion.

  30. awalt26439 says:

    No doubt you’re a good caster but you got a fair number of puddle casts sprinkled in there.

  31. SwissDrakefly says:

    About 102 feet (31 meters)

  32. brillantegenio says:

    How far are you casting? Looking good!

  33. playforkeeps101 says:

    good looking vid

  34. Grayfisher1 says:

    Nice Casting ! check out Freestyle Flycasting at “Grayfisher1”

  35. Grayfisher1 says:

    Nice work Man! check out Freestyle flycasting at “Grayfisher1”

  36. flyfishextreme says:

    WOW, thatΒ΄s some impressive casting dude!! greetings from austria!!

  37. SwissDrakefly says:

    The rod is the Loop x-act 790-4 MF.
    You can read the clip-information which equipment i’ve used.
    Thank you for your comment

  38. moblhad says:

    Nice casting πŸ™‚ What rod is it, evotec fast?


  39. xiaemperor says:

    you should have had some help taping, then we would have seen it better. πŸ™‚ BUT great job all the same. πŸ™‚

  40. Hedlund23 says:

    Very nice!

  41. chcaster says:

    Nice stuff!!!!!
    Chris Rownes

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