Big Trout strike San Juan River fly fishing spring runoff, AK 47 fly, June 2009 Today’s first time clients bailed out so I went fishing for 2 1 hrs and only used AK-47 and Y-Ugly flies but still landed 30 plus big and healthy trout. Knowing where to fish is tough during the spring runoff for most people because trout shift to different locations. What you see here is normally walking path and dry creek, in between Texas Hole parking lot to Middle Flats, but hold few nice trout. This is like fishing the spring creek as you can tell, totally different scenery and I enjoyed it very much. The flow today was around 4000 cfs.
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7 comments on “Big Trout strike San Juan River fly fishing spring runoff, AK 47 fly, June 2009
  1. spendizzzle says:

    @yspecial1 hah thanks, give it a try in the spring-fall time. probly in spring would be betr tho. dfg stocks the place and theres also year round natives. thers? a creek calld trabuco creek in orange county that has some good fishing. ill give u info for either 1 if u want!:)

  2. yspecial1 says:

    No, San Juan River is located in northern New Mexico close to Durango, CO.
    This is top three trout fishery in US and people come from all around the world to fly fish with me.
    So far I fished Kings, lower Owens, Merced and Kern in CA but? I’ll try Santa Anna that I saw on your video someday.
    Happy fishing!

  3. spendizzzle says:

    nice fish! is this the san juan? creek in southern california?

  4. brandonwinne says:

    Nice fishing. Me and a few? friends are heading up there july 8th for a week. Where would you suggest?

  5. yspecial1 says:

    Oh, forgot to? mentioned that make sure watch the follow-up video to see how big this trout was.

  6. yspecial1 says:

    You get to? fish this area only once a year during spring runoff usually 3-4 days after 5000 cfs flow.
    It feels like fishing at totally different river!

  7. CTHATROUT says:

    Very cool…?

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