April Vokey’s fly tying demo on adh-fishing fly fishing fair

April Vokey am Bindestock auf unserer Fliegenfischermesse. Sie ist eine weltweit gefragte Fliegenfischer Instruktorin und gibt regelmäßig Wurf und Bindeworkshops. Kurstermine, die auch wieder bei uns stattfinden werden, folgen demnächst… Weitere Infos gibt es unter www.flygal.ca oder www.adh-fishing.de www.facebook.com ———————————————————————————– April Vokey at the tying table on our fly fishing fair. She is in high demand worldwide as a fly fishing instructor and gives frequently casting and tying courses. Further dates of upcoming courses which will again be taking place in our store too, will follow and be announced on our homepage. For more Infos www.flygal.ca or www.adh-fishing.com www.facebook.com
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24 comments on “April Vokey’s fly tying demo on adh-fishing fly fishing fair
  1. bc46488 says:


  2. Podobed says:

    April is? very well known within the fly fishing industry and is a total bad ass, all of this is known.But damn she makes fly tying sexy.

  3. notatechie says:

    Wow, in all my? years I never associated fly tying and sexy. I like it.

  4. Enrique Santiago says:

    Congrats April. First time? I have seen a girl making a fly. Nice lure!

  5. TheHunterman1994 says:

    You must? get your material from cabelas. I’m geting the nor vice. Love to tie. My feonsay ties my steamers. Ill have to show her this video

  6. mcuzino says:

    Simple the hardest thing to do when on? the vise.

  7. mrmints84 says:

    Will you marry me? Lol?

  8. xonflame says:

    Nice work April…& the use of a nail-clipper? is a neat trick lol.. I wonder if she fishes her flies as well ? I’ve only ever seen two vids of lady fly-tyers . I like the expression of total concentration on her face..she looks so happy tying .

  9. Neil Nice says:

    Are you planning to do any? demo’s in England? I know for sure you would have a better audience than Germany.

  10. Giancarlo Donninelli says:

    Congratulations … really lovely the highly capable? flies. Greetings from an old Italian rivers Wolf

  11. paflyfish says:

    Hmm, I know? what Brent Musburger would say…

  12. staggerlee41 says:

    Try it. I took a course with her and thought the same thing? at first. I don’t cut everything with it, but it does a great job cutting the feathers close to the tube.

  13. staggerlee41 says:

    Really. Try it the next time you? tie an intruder style tube fly.

  14. Jo Marquez says:

    I can’t keep my eyes? off her….adios.

  15. david batista says:

    jolie montage ^^

  16. DocSpratley33 says:

    ya man its those lips! and the? smile!

  17. David Swart says:

    Nice fly,& the tiers not bad either,never seen any? 1 use nail clippers for trimming,if it works don’t change.

  18. MrOnlyfly says:


  19. royalmae says:

    April….. I like you better as a Brunette than a Blonde! Nice Fly!?

  20. Jrm81jrm81jrm81 says:

    April Vokey….,,.i speak? for the XY chromosome, you’re hot!

  21. 59danul says:

    The fly is nice but nail cutters? for material?? Really? Nail cutters?

  22. centerpinsteel says:

    I? love April!

  23. freedomofabird says:

    One of the best fly tying vids……very easy on the? eye!

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