An Enthusiast’s Necessity – The Fly Tying Bench

Fly Tying
by johnny9s

An Enthusiast’s Necessity – The Fly Tying Bench

A fly tying bench is a great way for the enthusiast to keep necessary tools, materials, and current projects organized and ready to use. It can be difficult to start a new project when you have to fish through a crowded box to find the right wire, feathers, or hooks. When stored in a box, materials can easily become tangled together to the point of being unusable. A bench is a simple solution; it’s a practical way to keep tools and materials organized, so you can start your project right where you left off or leave it there if you need to stop working, and nothing is jumbled together in the process.

Bench styles range from portable, tabletop designs that can be moved anywhere to desk-sized pieces of furniture. While they vary in style and size, there are certain features that are absolutely essential to a good, functional bench. Consider the following:

Is the bench equipped with ample space for all frequently used materials, such as spools, hooks, and cements?
Will the bench design keep materials separate, organized, but readily available?
Is there plenty of workspace for a current project?
Is there room for materials that are currently in use?
Is there enough space for the vise and liberal movement of the bobbin cradle?
Is it possible to clamp a small desk lamp to the bench, if desired?

There are many fly tying benches available that have all of these features, and more. A table-top bench is a practical option when you don’t have a lot of extra space for furniture in your garage or work room. It’s portable, so you can work in virtually any room of the house with a flat work surface available. These benches come in a variety of sizes, so if your materials are minimal or plentiful, you should be able to find one to suit your needs.



If you have room in the garage or elsewhere, you might consider a desk-style workbench. Most of these are fairly compact, but contain drawers for larger tools and cubbyholes for materials, as well the standard features of a table-top bench, such as bobbin holders and trays for hooks and feathers. Many of these benches are easy to shut, so you can stow your materials and keep them undisturbed while you’re away. Remember, the best fly tying bench for you is the one that suits your individual needs.

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