Alaska Fly Fishing – Rainbow Trout (3/3 – 1080p HD)

Fly Fishing for Rainbow trout in Alaska is an experience not to be missed. Join Scott Kemp, owner of Saltery Lodge, and Barrett Mattison as they hit a stream in southeast Alaska. Filmed in full resoultion 1080p. http
Video Rating: 5 / 5

5 comments on “Alaska Fly Fishing – Rainbow Trout (3/3 – 1080p HD)
  1. 1BobG says:

    Great fly fishing videos, guys but there’s one problem. The music. it’s identical to the music when you’re put on hold on the telephone. Boring!! There’s a name for that music, which I don’t recall, except, maybe, generic.

  2. Olegspin says:

    Great video, great fishing, great places …

  3. Spidyln says:

    cool man i am 14 and i realy want to start fly fishing but we dont get any trout or any thing good in south Australia . But all of thoes fish looked pritty cool and big so good job

  4. 1994naser says:

    man thats a perfect spot…..

  5. adhikaripushpa says:

    Great work!! Please keep it up!!

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