Airflo Skagit Switch Fly Line

Tim Rajeff & Tom Larimer explaining the why’s and how’s of the Skagit Switch Shooting Head.

4 comments on “Airflo Skagit Switch Fly Line
  1. MrLenLeh says:

    Fished with Skagit Switch 360grain yesterday, AMAZING line!!!!! I love it…
    I´ve fished tight places? with 10-15feets sinktips wery easy and effortless.

    Thank you guys!!!

  2. RajeffSports says:

    The rod used was an Echo3 7110 Switch rod and? the line was the Skagit Switch 480grain shooting head.

  3. MrLenLeh says:

    Which rod and grain weight did you use for this video??

  4. MrLenLeh says:

    I have a G Loomis GLX switch 11´ weight 5.
    Does? the 360grain skagit switch work well for my rod or is it to heavy?

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