Additional Fly Tying Techniques – Introduction

Norvise Fly Tying Video. This video is an introduction to some additional fly tying tips and tricks. Norvise Fly Tying System. Created by Norm Norlander, this is a great tool for any fly fisherman who wants to learn how to tie their own flies. Website:
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One comment on “Additional Fly Tying Techniques – Introduction
  1. andrew11769 says:

    I love my nor vise but I have to say that they are a hate love type vise. You either love it or hate it. I hated mine for the first month as it is so different then a standard rotary. If your starting out then this is a good vise to put in the mix. If you already tie flies and this is a upgrade or new vise then be prepared for the frustration. Almost everything you know does not apply to this vise. For certain jobs I have? to say this vise is wicked hard to beat.

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