a Tight Loop Casting Tip – How to Double Haul

a Tight Loop learns how to preform the double haul fly cast. Jon Uhlenhop of Chicago Fly Fishing Outfitters demonstrates some of the keys to executing this cast.

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33 comments on “a Tight Loop Casting Tip – How to Double Haul
  1. TheBgcheez says:

    Now I am heading down to the River to practice? this 🙂

  2. kingdom777866 says:

    Ive been casting for over 40 yrs.. 1st, his? rod is to far back on the back cast, 2nd, watch his left hand, its just small jerks, the left hand should be pulled down to the hip on
    a proper haul!
    why he’s doing this to cast 10yds is beyond me?

  3. Kjilex says:

    wtf? that is? a double haul!

  4. kingdom777866 says:

    Your casting is rubbish..? thats not hauling its jerking and your rods to far back!

  5. TormesFlyFishing says:

    Excelente. ?

  6. Rastafaraization says:

    your wrist …?

  7. effidrin says:

    Really nice hauling nice to see someone? doin it absolutely beatiful.

  8. part270579 says:

    Looks like you have a small hole at the end of your back cast. Watch this? and look at the slack line between your reel and rod hand.

  9. Bumcast says:

    Thanks John!?

  10. trota fario says:

    here are no words, fantastic? video.
    regards john

  11. Bumcast says:

    Hi, many thanks for the wonderful comments! – delighted to hear that you enjoy our material. We have a few more? lined up for next year.

  12. mjdarcy2002 says:

    I bought the full video a few months ago and I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed watching it, nor could I tell you how many times I’ve watched it; too many to count! Your casting video is great too, and I look forward to checking out the others. I hope you’ll keep? making them.

  13. justinosmond says:

    Amazing video! I have had small 8-10 inch brookies with mice inside. I guess it’s not only the huge? trout that feed on mice.

  14. luismsanmiguel says:

    a Fly Dreamers video!!! awesome?

  15. whatsbelowyou says:


  16. Bumcast says:

    Here in New Zealand?

  17. Bumcast says:

    No! :-))?

  18. Leather Man says:

    awesome video ! makes me want to go out and fish….which i am about to do !? …… these mice were naaasty did you eat the fish lol ?

  19. bobbykerr13 says:

    Where was it? filmed?

  20. Bumcast says:

    Thanks! -? it was a 6

  21. bobbykerr13 says:

    What weight rods were you guys using?? Great video by the way!

  22. snapondan1 says:

    i watched this like? 10 times in a row.

  23. 69scrotum69 says:


  24. kkh369 says:

    whoa….all those mice! ive never fished with a mouse but? maybe id better start!

  25. Bumcast says:

    @Sportmanfun the link is right there? in the video description – right under the video

  26. Sportmanfun says:

    I live in the Netherlands. Any idea where I? can order this film/dvd???

  27. Bumcast says:

    Cool -Glad you? liked it!

  28. GregMyhre2582 says:

    Great Clip guys, ill be ordering the? dvd

  29. Bumcast says:

    @AspenPeaks11 Hey thanks? for dropping by and letting us know! – glad you enjoyed it

  30. AspenPeaks11 says:

    This video captured Everything fly? fishing is all about, thank you guys making such a beautiful and epic video.

  31. fishingoliver says:

    thanks you? so much

  32. Bumcast says:

    @ fishingoliver? “Circles” by Darko Sarac

  33. fishingoliver says:

    whats the name? of the music

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