3 tips for salt water fly fishing.

Three helpful tips for salt water fly fishing. Lord of the flys.

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39 comments on “3 tips for salt water fly fishing.
  1. simpleearthling says:

    dude have you ever thought of cutting one of your ears off


    where can i buy the plain white flies? like in the video

  3. HunterFisher00 says:

    awsome video true inspiration to me and my brother can you send me a link to buy the neer hair? 5 stars, thumbs up, subscription!!!

  4. Troutsiders says:

    Beautiful snook! Thanks for sharing!

  5. bass1299 says:

    wut kind of flies are these….luv ur vids

  6. tyonthefly says:

    great tips on the near hair fly and the markers to match the hatch.
    …. check out my texas saltwater fly fishing vids…………………..

  7. kidinthesky says:

    lol let’s all just color all of are lures lol

  8. SilentKiller01 says:

    lol loved the beginning

  9. vaxxon1 says:

    Great tips! Thanks for posting!

  10. DGAF2000 says:

    man i bet that fly you colored on would kill big bass….it looks like a blue gill!

  11. und3rth3bridg3 says:

    awesome !!!

  12. namrengav says:


  13. JoeArc10 says:

    These videos are great! I just got a fly rod and am going to build a stripping basket like in your other video. I like the “build it yourself” tips in all your vids. Keep’em coming!

  14. MRBONNETHEAD says:

    Great Idea!
    Sometimes the most simple ideas work the best!

  15. captgerryIII says:

    We have not seen any refusals to sharpie colored flys do to smell. After coloring your flys give it one or two minutes to dry before using. Thanks for that grate question.

  16. ccamember1 says:

    does that sharpie affect the smell of the fly tho?

  17. msilva047 says:

    what type of reel are you using at 1:56? and what model is as well?

  18. asbury363 says:

    U fish a lot or every now and then

  19. Tigerpouch says:

    @asbury363 sweet im troop 205 maitland fl but i live in Orlando

  20. asbury363 says:

    My florida vacation is also coming up.its for boy scouts.im from indiana georgetown troop25

  21. tat2ed420 says:

    Awesome Video! Looks like u guys having fun! My florida vacation is coming up real soon…. And i am gonna kick it aswell..
    Fishing and Party…. Doesnt get much better…and i get a break from the nasty ass German weather….

  22. rclark1292 says:

    Greatest videos

  23. pantherfan2552 says:

    i was wondering what weight pole, reel, line you are using to catch some of the bigger tarpon and larger fish

  24. MrPyrojunkie says:

    wtf huge tits and a stormtrooper?

  25. laxlag16 says:

    4:34 titys lol

  26. creamtt says:

    One of the most disjointed vids i’ve seen, one sec your out at sea the next sec up a creek, no continuity, and the camera man need’s to get in a lot more practise in IMO

  27. carnivor9595 says:

    what weight rod are u using at the beginning

  28. bighitter42 says:

    Digital City. You can download it for free from the flies and fins website.

  29. mahimahi4454 says:

    what song is this

  30. alexanderclaire says:


  31. will664 says:

    awesome video looks fun

  32. noodman1 says:

    nice job J. thanks for posting that video, I hadn’t seen it yet.

  33. acklaxer32 says:

    So sick!

  34. oakwfootball04 says:

    awesome video. glad to see people who enjoy fishin as much as me!

  35. MTbaker33 says:

    dang thats looks fun. i want to do that. nice video

  36. stianhammersvik says:

    Awesome video. Good action. Love the music:-)

  37. korykapaloski says:

    sweet video! “clear that line” & watch those fingers! 0:38

  38. fliesandfinseast says:

    Great Stuff Love The Shots On Duval Street.

  39. Boondockflyfish says:

    very cool

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