1956 World Champion Spin Casting Demonstration

Presented by The Mitchell Reel Museum website www.mitchellreels.net, a 1956 spinning reel demonstration video of Johnny Dieckman using a Mitchell 300 fishing reel. In 1956 Garcia; the exclusive North American distributor for Mitchell made three 16mm sound demonstration films to teach people how to use an Ambassadeur 5000 bait caster, a Mitchell 300 spinning reel and how to fly fish. The instructor in this film is Johnny Dieckman, the World Casting Champion! These amazing 16mm films were recently found and have been converter to video and now were showing them to the world. These three are just the start, much more to come!!! Visit us at http for more information or Ask Questions at mitchellreelmuseum.com on the Mitchell Mates International Discussion Group website. Tight Lines, Wallace Carney
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 comments on “1956 World Champion Spin Casting Demonstration
  1. MrPlutooooo says:

    So that was what I was missing. I forgot that I was supposed to put my index? finger on the line! Thanks.

  2. Hobbit997 says:

    According to Captain Chris Meijers he’s? doing several things wrong. Key in “how to cast with a spinning rod” to be impressed.

  3. kevin anderson says:


  4. FourthOsprey says:

    Hands down? the best reply to a stupid comment I have seen on youtube. Well done.

  5. joesphx19 says:

    This could have been a bunch of places in Florida. I don’t think it was the Glades but could? have been a lot of SW Florida looks like that. Of course 50 some years have passed but I have fished countless places that look just like that, probably not with the water quality from back then. And, if I was alone in a place like that, packing a .45 makes it much safer. Progress is wonderful isn’t it.

  6. palmer3977 says:

    “johny & his tackle work hard” hahaha?

  7. brennanjohnify says:

    i have that same reel, and? i still use it, got it at a garage sale for 3 bucks 🙂 stole it didn’t i haha

  8. kyangler52 says:

    That’s good to know. Looks like fun.? Will look for it next time I’m at Wally’s World. Ignore the Peanut Galley.

  9. BJZnRPZ says:

    eagle claw makes a great rod? that has that amount of ridiculous play, they sell it at walmart it’s all yellow.

  10. JUBEL911S says:

    haha so what –‘? nobody cares.

  11. Jake SuaVe' says:

    I used to have that reel at the beginning of the video until a dumb kid? stepped on it. I missed it so bad because it was given to me by my passed-away Grandfather.

  12. crackly says:

    awesome video…nice to see that bass hasnt? changed.

  13. rocrfella says:

    nowadays? rods are made from graphite.

  14. CanadianCharlie64 says:

    I have the same reel?

  15. Andoy1 says:

    Great! Great!? Thanks!

  16. Logan Gabriel says:

    What? great video and peice of history for the sport. I just love watching this kind of thing.

  17. K9PISTOL says:

    @paulc43, You are an absolute jerk and have no appreciation and/or understanding of? what was presented here. You are, without question, a very shallow individual. I may be wrong, but I don’t think you have impressed anyone here, with your egotistical comment. And, if you don’t “get it”, It was all about advertising and promotion of Garcia gear, that was top of the line for its time and not about how many fish Johnny would catch or not.

  18. basenjib123 says:

    John was a great man and an early pioneer in so? many ways to the sport. My Father actually met him several times. He died far too young at the age of 35 in an airline crash.

  19. UARAF16 says:

    2:51 He flips so perfectly, i need a hollow fiberglass rod? 😀

  20. descargaelbano says:

    One? of Santa’s elves will be mad when he finds out someone stole his shoes at 2:52

  21. onbradley says:

    what a sportsman!?

  22. zarchy55 says:

    Hmmm, I didn’t know platyl was? pronounced “pla-teel”.

  23. Marshallma says:

    I like the background music too and the? hair style of this gentleman.

  24. mitch toddy says:

    great? video

  25. iTzzEuphoriaaaaaa says:

    Garcia 4 LIFE?

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