1956 World Champion Fly Fishing Demonstration

Several amazing 16mm sound films were recently found and have been converter to DV! Here’s my best try at showing them to the world. Visit fishinghistory.blogspot.com Dr. Todd Larson’s Fishing for History Blog and find out everything you ever wanted to know about fishing; but were afraid to ask! In 1956 Garcia; the exclusive distributor for Mitchell Reels in North America made three demonstration films to help teach people how to fish with a fly reel, an ABU 5000 bait caster and how to use their Mitchell 300 spinning reel fish. The instructor in these films is Johnny Dieckman, the World Casting Champion! Visit us at http or Ask Questions at mitchellmates.yuku.com on the Mitchell Mates International Discussion Group website. Tight Lines, Wallace Carney, The Mitchell Reel Museum

25 comments on “1956 World Champion Fly Fishing Demonstration
  1. 35sdphoto says:

    Reminded me of fishing with my grandpa and an old Disney? movie clip. Just awesome.

  2. 5tonyvvvv says:

    @FishingFilmHistory Hey Johnny! Great Classic Fishing Film, Ah..the good ole days, when a smile and a? Firm handshake got you the Job!

  3. strangled1 says:

    Great film, congrats for saving this piece….and grigsbyb,? your uncle looks very cool,

  4. w3stc0ast187m says:



    Watch that? rod flex all the way down, talk about slow action.

  6. bignick703 says:

    @iSkiCliffs go? back in time 60 years

  7. FishingFilmHistory says:

    I? would love to speak with you!

  8. grigsbyb says:

    It was great to see? my Uncle, who died in a plane crash in 1962–six years before I was born. Thank you for preserving this and sharing it.

  9. iSkiCliffs says:

    Look how healthy those bass are.. Where do i sign up? for thiss!

  10. lazza00 says:

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful video!?
    Tight lines.

  11. fishingeuphoria says:

    @FishingFilmHistory We are sharing your channel with our? friends. Keep up the great work.

  12. FishingFilmHistory says:

    @fishingeuphoria it takes me back every time I watch it, that’s why I posted it here hoping it would do? the same for others. Thanks for the comment…

  13. fishingeuphoria says:

    Realy takes me back. Thank you for sharing! Found? your channel also. Great stuff there.

  14. mobstar1187 says:

    its like the rod is an extension? of his arm …. just beautiful…

  15. o56kid says:

    back in the? redwood boom, the men where dressed well enough at work to go to a wedding without changing. People had integrity..

  16. Caimingchang says:

    I still have class, I wear what Johnny? is wearing when I fish for bait. And I wear a tuxedo while fishing biggies. LOLLOLLOL.

  17. lcts98 says:

    fly fishing hasnt changed in hundreds of years?

  18. Olorinii says:

    I love it that he fishes in a collared shirt and slacks. People? had class back then.

  19. Bromeliad1 says:

    I love classic? fly fishing videos. Great video. Those were the good days.

  20. darkmossie633 says:

    I also give you 5*****’s for this brilliant video
    -look forward to one? on conventional cast
    most start to fly-fish with

  21. darkmossie633 says:

    Ive just started to use the double haul, and its tricky to co-ordinate the hands
    and arms, but im slowly mastering it.
    Could you tell me if you can get longer casts with lighter fly-lines? Compare
    5 weight to 8-9 weight?
    Its amazing that this very old? video, is far more instructive than most of the modern
    ones Ive seen on tube!
    I like thee way he uses his shoulder in the casting, as some vids have the arm
    tight to the chest, not using shoulder
    (best other vid seen is by Hywel Morgan)

  22. dashwood123 says:


  23. Troutsiders says:

    That is fantastic! Classic films like this? cannot be beat! Thanks for sharing.

  24. bfuller764 says:

    It was good?

  25. SershenBros says:

    Dr. Tood – This is fantastic! Now I can show my? students the double haul in a way that will make sense to them.

    Thank you!

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